The Future of F1 – Pitstop Edition

There have been a few articles about F1 safety in the pitlane, and I agree with most of them.

First, I mostly agree with Gary Anderson that pitstops should be slowed down. He makes some excellent points; the problem is that two team members per wheel is doesn’t cut down much on the number of team members and won’t slow down pitstops by much.

Second, I disagree with Bernie Ecclestone that camera operators should be relegated to the pit wall only. The danger is not that they are in the pitlane, the danger is that they face away from traffic.

Third, I agree with all of the journalists that have said that anyone in the hot pit should have the same safety gear as F1 team members; however, perhaps both team members and other personnel in the pitlane should have increased protection.

Here’s what I would do about it if I made the rules in F1: Continue reading